With roots in the Southside of Columbus, Ohio, Insomniac Rarri hasn’t been in the game very long, and yet he's already caught the eye of major labels and musical pioneers. The genre-bending trap artist has been grinding behind the scenes for as long as he can remember, entering the entertainment industry through managing DJs and throwing parties. “I just always wanted to be an entrepreneur,” As he reflects. “I just wanted to be a boss.” It wasn’t until he joined the Insomniac Mob in 2013 with Midwest Millz and Insomniac Lambs, that he felt compelled to tell his story with hopes to inspire and motivate others. And unlike most of his peers, Rarri’s main goal isn’t to take center stage -- it’s to tell his story. “A lot of this music s*** is smoke and mirrors, and fraudulent,” he says. “I realized I have real stories and have been through real s*** that other people make up.”


With breakout hits like “What Dey Seem,” “2outh2id3,” and “Used 2,” Rarri’s racked up consigns from Midwest moguls like Lyrical Lemonade's Cole Bennett and Fake Shore Drive’s Andrew Barber, along with impressive collaborations with “Look At Me's” Rojas, Warhol.ss, and Hodgy Beats. Merging elements of Chicago drill, Atlanta trap, and Florida’s booming lo-fi SoundCloud stylings, his undeniable knack for catchy hooks and sonic personality sets him apart. Rarri’s ability to seamlessly transition from hard-hitting trap to a softer 808-infused ballad is met with his ability to maintain a fine balance between street storytelling and authentic vulnerability, all while staying true to his upbringing.


Influenced by legends like Gucci Mane, Kanye, Tity Boi, Jeezy, Waka Flocka, and OJ The Juiceman, Rarri has similarly overcome a great deal of adversity. Trapping from an early age as a means of survival in Columbus’ Southfield neighborhood, Rarri paved his own way despite the naysayers. The Ohio rapper puts on for small town kids and underdogs — he wants to be a beacon of hope, and a symbol for the youth who dream big. “I’m the voice for the kid that hops off that porch in that no name city, that kid that’s always been overlooked because nobody ever cared about what they had goin’,” he says. His gritty, captivating and blue toned visuals exemplify this — Rarri wants his fans to live and breathe his hometown and his reality. “I’m the voice for people that want to be something bigger and greater than everything and everyone that’s around them.”


Having received acclaim with debut projects like RARRI 600 and XandyLand, and more recently, 2OUTH2ID3 2 WORLDWIDE, The Insomniac Mob affiliate living in Los Angeles honing  his craft. It’s clear the budding rapper has no plans to slow down anytime soon with his up an coming project "GHETTO GREATNESS" coming soon.